At Coastside Church we believe in being people that are not only generous with our time and actions, but also with our finances. Supporting our local church and all the of it’s vision is a huge priority for members of Coastside Church. All finances go towards the running expenses of Coastside Church, to helping our community and to aid work overseas. Coastside Church is also embarking on a new building project with the sale of our current building and this is an exciting venture for those who call Coastside home.

We believe in not only giving God a 10% tithe on our income, but also in giving generously to other areas within the church like the building fund, missions work and any other needs that may arise. There are many ways to give at Coastside Church – directly in each service, through direct depositing and also through the PushPay app. Being generous is not just a one-off event, it’s a great lifestyle action that will bless people and build legacies.