Doing Change Well


Your girl is back, ready to smash out a brand new season for our church, our ministries and our homes! A LOT has changed, not just physically but spiritually & mentally! We are connecting this season of blogs around change because it is so fitting to where we are!

Soooo, Imma say it! I DON'T DO CHANGE WELL! I’m an irrational thinker (gets me every time). I jump into flight mode, overthink, think of the worst case scenarios in my head so if they happen I have a plan of attack ( insert karate chop) ( I need Jesus, I know haha) and to make matters worse I love a good routine, that’s the choleric in me coming out!

I’m 6 months in to raising the most incredible little boy ever, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt so far is that change is inevitable! Just when I work out the little sausage, he changes! Just when I think man oh man I am slaying this mum thing, he does a 360 and I feel like I’m back to square one! But, the incredible amazing has 100% got this God has been guiding me on how change is a incredible thing.

But, when I think I have got Dallas worked out I don’t want him to change, why? Because I’ve worked it out! The Da Vinci code has been cracked, hallelujah! But what a boring way to live.

God put it into perspective for me, and I really hope it sheds some perspective for you too! Dallas is honestly so cute and I want to bottle up that cute and for him to stay the way he is FOREVER (especially when I have the worked out bit) but if I bottle him up now, and I have the same Dallas till it’s my time to leave this earth I miss out on WHOLE LOT! Like a lot a lot, his first roll, crawl, walk, the time he will say mum before dad (haha let’s all pray for that by the way), the first time he says I love you mummy (also will cry, will need prayer also) his very first day of kindergarten, high school, the day he gives his life to Jesus (crying again), his graduation, meeting the fierce bold woman God has chosen for him, his wedding day, his own children, changing his world & absolutely everything else that God is going to do through him.

If we push back on change, imagine, just have a good ole’ think right now what is waiting for you! If we stay camped with what we have and not strive for more, strive to see what God has for us, the only person who loses is us.

Say it scared, say it with tremble in your voice! Say it with me now, CHANGE IS REWARDING.

Numbers 23:19 teaches:
[19] God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfil?

Right now, think of whatever it is that God has delivered to you on, when you thought all hope was lost who was there? The same God who changed EVERYTHING for then, will change it all again! FAITHFUL!

So warriors, in this next season, change will be the answer to your prayer! Change can be the miracle you are on your knees for! Trust God, I encourage you if you are a family member of Coastside and your currently, a little shaken with change, don’t let the enemy rip you off, we now have so many incredible opportunities because of the change God has made to Coastside, jump in serve! There is plenty of opportunity to help us create a environment for our city to come and feel comfortable with the word “Jesus”, come see myself or our lead pastors for the honour of serving our community! if you are reading this and don’t attend Coastside, guess what? I’ve saved you a seat next to me this Sunday 10am in the auditorium at Panthers, Change is waiting for you!

God speaks & He acts, let’s speak things into existence and act on the promise He gave us on this exciting new season of Coastside church! I’ll be welcoming change into my daily routine, even the kind where it inconveniences me, why? Because I know my God has a bigger more exquisite plan than my mind can comprehend and I know he has the same for you! Jump in!

Have a incredible weekend, sing in the shower, dance while cooking dinner, practice the floss and impress your kids (LIL BENTLEY) & remember you're so so loved at Coastside!

Love Pastor Kirsty xxx

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