She Stands... United - Misty Kelly

When I found this bible verse, “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” (Ephesians‬ ‭4:1), I also googled what words we use to define the word unity. Merge, together, as one, we really do rely on unity and if it wasn’t there, we all wouldn’t function how we do today.
How I see it is if we were to be in another country and something bad happened or unexpected, whilst we are vulnerable the only place we would know thats safe is something like the Australian embassy. This facility has been put in place to work together for our safety, assurance and unity as Australians. 
Another way I thought of was the parcel you’ve been waiting on. The postman who delivers it works alongside a team that separately sorts through every individual letter, from package to parcel, all different shapes and sizes. There’s a guy that does one bit to another all big, small, important jobs to another and that postman on the bike is just the delivery, we don’t see behind the scenes. Let’s be honest we really don’t care about the behind the scenes as long as we get our mail or parcel. Right?! 
Unity and how we stand as one is not only the huge responsibility we have on stage in front of the people that haven’t seen what we are, who our God is and what we are building as a church and community. It’s just as important what goes on the front of the stage as the back, we’ve got someone mic droppin' on stage there’s sure as heck someone sorting lights and getting everything in perfect order, there’s people that make sure there’s enough seats out so everyone gets a seat, and that preacher and host up on stage they’ve spent not only hours, days on end getting the right words in place and God's grace to speak. Everyone has their role in and out of church. 
What I’m getting at is all our roles fit in perfect unity - just how God planned.
So damn straight we rely on that postman for our parcel - I know it’s daily at my house! We know the Australian embassy has our backs, just as much as we know all the girls we are rising up have each other's backs. We know our unity is important and we know we have to stand firm together for the next generations of our community and world we are living in. 
It just blows my mind that we were only just showing all the kids how important having unity is in church, we introduced a few people from the church with all different jobs all from being the cleaner to drumming up on stage and how without all these different people we wouldn’t be able to work properly. The bible verse we used was about how the body has all different parts and for it all to come together they all need to be working so that we can run, walk, jump. The kids really saw the diversity we have in our church and were shocked to see so many different people with there own roles, they all came from different journeys, it showed that not one story or role was said twice.
I just cant get enough of the amazing authentic unity we have in our church and community - it is a raw reality of what we have built. To me, the meaning of unity is used in everyday language - we don’t hear it because it’s not something we have to say, we only see it. 
Thanks girls, have the best week!
Misty xxx

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