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My goodness, I’ve been loving our BOLD blogs - have you? I’ve been asked to do this weeks blog on BOLD. I’ve just become a mum for the first time to the cutest little sausage, Dallas. Now in this season of my life, BOLD is the new do what you want when you want (Lol)! I mean, when I’ve been spewed on, pooped on and weed on all one after the other, I gotta be BOLD!

My relationship with God has to be BOLD in this new season of motherhood - I have to check in and make sure that in this selfless season I’m selfish with my time with God, that I’m constantly wanting more and more time with him! Life can get real crazy, real quick and it’s realistically really easy to forget God's there, you do everything you need to do then go, oh! God? I left God out of my whole day, I mean I’ve been there!

I get so consumed with all the earthly stuff that I forgot to invite heaven into my day! I can only imagine and know that when I invite God into my day and be BOLD and give my day to God my day is incredible! Can I get an amen from anyone else here?

Ephesians 3:12 - In Whom we have boldness and access with confidence through our faith in Him.

Let’s have confindence that when we give our God access to our daily lives, He has got this! And our faith will continue to grow and grow and us as woman of faith (who are pretty kick ass if you ask me)! Our faith in him is so BOLD, so big, so fierce that anything that in any season whether it be in motherhood, in a new work environment, school or your marriage that the BOLDness of God is the head and not the tail of your life!

This Saturday, we have our Shine woman’s event that is themed all around being BOLD and we would love to see you there. From 7-9pm at Coastside Church. From when you read this blog, tomorrow morning invite heaven into your day and just see how God can do all the miraculous with you! He thinks you are so beautiful and has an endless amount of love, just FOR YOU!

Have the best week you bunch of incredible women!

Love Kirst xoxo

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