She Stands... Bold - Jo Turnbull

What does it really mean to be bold? Really bold!

I won’t take up these words with the dictionary definition, but in the face of adversity or even in calm times I think it means to step out of a comfort zone, to challenge yourself and to maintain a stance. Dictionary Jo at your service!!!! That is what bold means to me today, but what does it mean to you and how do you do it and how do you maintain boldness.

Well for us girls it’s taken a long time for us to reach the point where we can be openly bold. We are leaders of countries, we are CEO’s of big companies, we are doctors, we are executives, we are fire fighters, we are lawyers and we can, in some countries, even go to war. I think about women, bold and brave, who have gone before me so I can have the right to vote and to have a voice and to be treated fairly in the workplace and have equal pay………...well ok we’ve still got a way to go on some of it, but honestly how does it all apply to me or you for that matter.

Well here’s the thing! God has got me in this spot at the moment, I’ve recently changed jobs so my work hours have increased slightly, I’m struggling to study through my first semester of uni (yes, yes, I know, who knew there was brain cells left after all these years ; )), I’ve just started up a new company with a friend and we launch sometime this month and last of all, but by no means least, I’m a single mum with a child on earth and a child in heaven. Life is full to say the least, but where does boldness even fit into all of the above?

I’m glad I asked you that question as here is where it fits for me today. Being bold is rising every day and honouring God first and foremost. Being bold is heaping praise heavenward and giving thanks (yes even when I am dog tired and have a mountain to climb). Being bold is not succumbing to temptation and desire, being bold is saying to God “not my will but yours be done”, bold is hearing from God, being bold is listening for Gods voice so I can hear it, being bold is forgiving (ooohhhhh yeah that’s a good one as its hard……..I know) and being bold is reading his word, for it is written “your word is a lamp unto my feet” (Ps 119:105).

I’m very much an “action speaks louder than words” kind of gal, so I try to be practical and think practically. I find when I put some of the above into practice, being bold becomes part of my day. I want boldness to be the ordinary for me, I want boldness to flow from my speech, my actions and my heart, but unless I put the above into practice I can’t be bold, it’s much more like I’ll be bowled over and yep it happens more often than you think.

I practice praise as my base attitude to God and without hesitation I can say it’s the most powerful weapon I have in the arsenal that God has given me and reading Gods word is like food for my soul. It heals, it imparts wisdom, it has become my great source of comfort and it is where I put my hope “you are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word” Ps 119:114

So boldness is about going to God, praising him, practising gratefulness to Him and listening. This is what being bold is to me today in my busy and time poor life……I try to put him first so I can be bold in all I do, whether that’s stacking the dishwasher, doing an exam, sitting at my desk or trying to work out how long it has actually been since I changed the sheets on my bed!!!!!!!! Oh the struggle is real ladies….it’s very real!

I don’t know what situation you face, I don’t know your circumstances, but I know that God is waiting patiently for you to “boldly approach the throne of grace” (Hebrews 4:16) and ask Him, who is our great hope and saviour to give you exactly the sort of boldness you need today. He’ll show you if you will just listen.

Love Jo x

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