She Stands... Bold - Steph Kinsela

When I got asked to write this blog about being bold, I was like - why??  I don’t have anything to write about being bold! Well actually, I do. It just doesn't feel like it sometimes, as I'm still on the journey, still going through that season and man I tell ya, it's a long one. It's had it's ups and downs along the way.

Over two years ago, I was hit with a huge debt that was out of my control, and put me in a really tough spot. So I did what every Christian does, and prayed. Man did I pray! When God told me what I needed to do, I didn't listen. I did the whole 'the enemy is out to get me' and 'God why aren't you listening, why aren't you helping?' thing. 'You're God! If you're the God of miracles, make a miracle happen for me!'.

God got very stern with me, and told me I needed to do my part in this. It wasn't until then that I was bold enough to really step it up, and listen to God that I really got my breakthrough. 

I am still walking through this and still need to be bold in this season, bold enough to trust God and His plan, bold enough to know that sometimes God will put these things in my life not to punish you, but to test you and see how you deal with them. I know that by me being bold in this season, God's going to excel me in my new season, and He has something big in store for me.

Psalm 138:3 says "On the day I called, you answered me; you made me bold with strength in my soul." Ladies, I can't encourage you enough that no matter what season you're going through, you need to be bold in it. It's called a season for a reason, it's not designed to last forever. 

As it says in Romans 8:18 - "The pain that you've been feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming." And I can feel it coming for us all! 

Much love, Steph x

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