She Stands in Truth - Jo Turnbull

It’s quite the statement isn’t it “she stands in truth”. As I was asked to write something about this topic for the upcoming Shine event I started to really think about what it means. I then asked myself what does it mean to not stand truthfully? More specifically what lies am I being fed and listening to? The answers started to come and were not pretty and all too many.

So here is a few lies that immediately popped up and I’m being honest about this so don’t laugh………ok laugh cause some of them are ridiculous. I’m failing as a single mother (no that one isn’t funny); I don’t get asked out socially with friends much, is there something wrong with me (a little bit funny); my grey hair is getting out of control, but I’m a boho hippy and I hate chemicals so what do I do about it (too funny really); when I laugh my wrinkles are out of control, but I love to laugh and I’ll never do botox as I’m a boho hippy (ridiculously funny), I haven’t had a date in many many many years, whats wrong with me or any available men - can’t they see I’m a fit healthy boho hippy who is hilarious (funny yes, but where are those available men ladies???) and is there something wrong with me????

I could go on and on, but these a just a sample of some of the things that I battle with from time to time. Big issues, small issues, things I worry about, some things that come into my mind and then leave as quickly as they came, others settle and resonate with my daily, weekly or monthly life. The point is it’s a small sample of some lies that are floating about me, but what am I doing or more importantly what am I allowing God to do to combat these lies? Just hold onto that question for a minute and ask yourself what your battles and battlegrounds are?

We are walking through a life that is at times difficult and there are so many pressures that we face as women in our society. We are constantly bombarded with advertising and images that are perfectly edited, photo shopped and also sprouted as “this is the fix you need to make you happy, make you younger, make you more attractive, make you a better mother/person, slimmer or attractive” and it goes on. Lies are everywhere and we are fed them daily by media, the workplace, in our schools and even sometimes in our homes and we can and do let them into our heads. It pervasive, it is everywhere and it’s a big problem and how do we deal with it?

I’ll be honest I attack the lies on 2 separate fronts. Firstly, I have to combat the lies by spending time with God. He is the best and most complete person to counteract the worlds lies, whatever form or fashion they are for you and for me. I have to go to God and “be still” so I can hear what his antidote is. Time with God in his presence is like a cure for life’s lies. The lies still come, but He and He alone has the love, wisdom and grace to accept and heal you and provide the freedom to stand in truth. Secondly I read the word……..yep I lost a few of you there I know, it’s no quick fix, it’s the only fix.

God is alive in his word, He is there in the pages of the bible waiting to heal you, love you and be everything you need for this life and into the next. It is the best self-help book you will ever have and it is really the only book you need. The encouragement I get from His word is complete, it counteracts the lies and leads me on and I love it and I love God all the more for giving me the resource for life.

Hebrews 4: 12 For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

This is truth and this is what we need to stand on. It is so important that we get the truth fed into us regularly, if we don’t the lies of the world will invade and take hold. Gods’ word can nip those roots, before they take hold. So don’t let the lies take ground in your life, stop them with Gods word and prayer. Being able to make room (cudos to Julie Lardner for the room analogy in her beautiful preach the other week) in your heart for Gods’ word and truth and healing will follow.

One other thing that is important is to have really good people around you. I can count on one hand my close confidents, the people who have permission to speak truth into my life. If you don’t have these good grounded people in your life, then ask God for them. You, me, all of us need to have people who will stand in life and in truth.

Don’t be an island, don’t put up with the lies and don’t rely on your own strength to get you through. Live with God daily and live in his word. He wants to have in interment relationship with you and he wants you to live in truth for all the days you have.

Thanks for reading.


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