She Stands in Truth - Karen Duncan

Truth is a fact or a certainty, principle, Gods truth, the gospel truth, genuineness, honesty, authentic.

Everyone of us has had truths in our life that we have walked through. Some of us are currently walking through some tough or valley times, while others of us are on their mountain top, good times.

Personally I have had to walk through some difficult times that included being a passenger in a car accident that killed my friend, debilitating illness, pursuing career goals, relationship breakdowns, betrayal, marriage breakdown, divorce, single parenting, financial lack, false accusations, exhaustion in raising children, death of grandparents and the death of my mother and father, to name a few.

The truth is that none of these seasons that we go through last forever.

These are all negative truths about my life but through them, God has shaped, moulded and developed me as a person, He has taught me, He has humbled me, He has given me empathy and compassion for others.
He has given me a testimony that today has equipped me to daily help other people and I choose to not let the negative truths of my life define me.

I choose to dwell on the better truths of my life, and there are many.

The truth of loving God and engaging in a committed relationship with Him for the past 33 years
The truth of trying to the best of my ability loving people
The truth of falling in love and allowing myself to be loved
The truth of friendships that have lasted a lifetime
The truth of being healed from a debilitating illness
The truth that Jesus healed my son of a cleft palette in utero through prayer
The truth of financial stability as a single mother
The truth of walking through the grieving process of the death of loved ones - my grandparents x 4, my dad, my mum, and friends
The truth of being privileged to travel to other countries on mission trips to help others
The truth of unconditionally loving my three, now adult children who have all developed into their own unique god given personality and have chosen their own life’s journey and who choose to have me along for the ride.

Believe the truth that God gives us. Know the truth that you have a purpose and you have a destiny.

Ephesians 6:13 tells us to put on the whole armor of God so we can withstand the evil day and when we have done all we know to do, to stand.

Stand on His word.

Have a great week warrior, choosing to stand in His truth - Karen x

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