She Stands in Truth - Julie Lardner

Growing up on the farm and being apart of a farming community where everybody knew everyone.  It gave a sense of safety.  A strong bond of everyone looking out for each other. For rallying together in crisis. Even down to being one eyed supporters of our local footy team every Saturday. 

It was community. It was my community. 

 Friday nights were spent “in town” late night shopping and eating dinner out. I have fun memories of those Friday Nights, the Main Street packed with people catching up with chattting, laughter and the “Ooo’s” and the “aghhhs”. Ohh what a privileged upbringing I had. 

Trouble was though there was a big problem. No one ever dared “chat” about this problem in the Main Street on a Friday Night.  When you mucked up, made a stupid mistake the whole town knew about it.  

It was never long at all, couple of days at most when the parents found out what happened at that party, on the school bus that afternoon, or at the annual show, or at the footy that Saturday arvo.  They always found out.  

But when Mum or Dad or worse still both of them together sat you down and said “ Julie we heard……” Whilst yes there was always a truth in what they'd heard. A lot of what they'd heard was actually a lie. It was exaggerated to the point of being untrue. It painted a picture of a wrong doing in its worst possible state.  

The trouble of being in any community is gossip.  

It's a big problem, it's an epidemic and it's in our communities. It needs to be talked about. We all belong to several communities, your family, your neighbourhood, your work place, your church. Yeah even your church. When a persons wrong doing gets repeated over and over and over again it turns into a lie..  

There's no truth left in it. It's exaggerated to the point of being a lie.  It's incredibly hurtful and embarrassing and humiliating. The person whom we are “chatting” about is someone's daughter, she's someone's sister. She matters. She was created with a purpose from her Creator.  

Yes she made a mistake, yes it was a big one and yes it was a stupid one. But does that warrant such vicious judgement from the communities in which she belongs? The communities that she loves and finds some sense of belonging in?  

Gossip is an epidemic and it's not truth that we should partake of. It's a lie. I'm guilty of this very thing. I know what it feels like to be subject to such cruelty yet I have partaken in this crime myself.  

Ephesians 4:29 - Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 

In our communities let's take this verse with us. Let's stand on this truth. Let's use our words to build her not tear her apart. Let's help her, let's speak encouragement into her heart. Let's champion, let's wisely correct if you are in a position to do so.  

Isn't this what God have us do? Love not hate?  

I want to be that girl that stands on Gods truth for my own life but my goodness I want to be that girl that stands on the truth for “her” because she matters too much to gossip about.  

Let's love her a little bit better.  

Less gossip, more truth. 


Julie x  

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