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Well hello there hotties! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these blogs! This gal loves a good blog! We have wisdom-filled ladies within Coastside and I encourage you to go read the prior blogs to fill up your inspo tank and to help you kick some serious butt this week!

Now there is this new song out at the moment, it’s a pretty edgy one so I’ll just tell you the bit I wanna talk about. In the lyrics it says “The truth will set you free, but first it will tick you off”! (I did change one lyric to ‘tick’ because I’m a classy gal hahaha)!

But how true is that? The truth WILL set you free but first it will tick you off! How many of us have been faced with truth and it has “ticked us off”? Facing and owning our “stuff” is hard, expecially if you’re stubborn.... I can speak personally on this; I want the freedom, I want the breakthrough, I want the miracle but, I don’t wanna own my “crap”!

I think the moment I stood in truth, was when I stopped lying to myself, stopped letting the enemy tell me my attitude was deserved and I dropped the ME ME ME act and, actually leaned on the truth... the word Of God! What was God’s word speaking into me? What truth was I actually letting to sink into my spirit? We really love to shove the blame on our circumstances, our busyness and our schedules!

There’s something that standing in truth requires and that’s the presence of God, the whisper of ‘you have been chosen’, you are of royal blood, the promises He holds for us STILL STAND! We disqualify ourselves through not being able to accept freedom, but freedom is free feeling right? Yes you’re right! But it’s up to us to stand in truth, to stand in God’s freedom and own, grow, and participate in what’s been anointed on our lives! How we will live in His truth in freedom everyday! There is a very real enemy who wants to see you fail so hard that he will mind-stuff you over so bad tell, you the most believable lies about yourself and about others to throw you off your truth & freedom journey. He will throw you so far off track that right now you can be feeling resentment, bitterness, bitchiness, lies, the giving-up spirit, bad attitude, the list goes on. If you’re feeling these things you’re being ripped off! God never intended his warriors to feel these feelings, it’s a very real experience that we need to own because the enemy plants these seeds into our head and we water them and water them while the truth is so dehydrated that you’re one wrong understanding away from walking away! Stop!

In John 14:6 It says: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Jesus said I am the way and the truth and the life! Anything that’s bringing you that bitterness that resentment, bitchiness, lies, the giving-up spirit and bad attitude is not from God! So ladies, get rid of it quick! Heck, as quick as you chomp down those hot chippies from maccas after a tough day! (Hahaha, not speaking from experience or anything)!

Negativity has no place in the path of truth & freedom God has planned out for you!
We all have an opportunity ladies, the same opportunities God gives to each and every single one of us, to live in His purposes for us! I’m going to ask you, are you ripping yourself off because the truth ticked you off? Or are you living in the purposes God has so perfectly put on your life because the truth has set you free?

You are not alone in the journey. If you are feeling challenged and you’re just so far gone that you don’t know where to start, contact someone who knows your heart, at Coastside we are a practical church! We would love to see you, regardless of your circumstances, at our girl’s night ‘She Stands.... In Truth’ on the 12th of May! You are supported! And God has a life full of truth waiting just for you!

Kirst xxx

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