She Stands in Truth - Stephanie Kinsela

We live in a world where instead of family building us up and encouraging us to live the best life possible, they tend to drag us down. Growing up, I was constantly being told I was dumb, stupid and wouldn’t amount to anything in life. That I was too fat and no one would love me. And because of all of these LIES, I put up a wall not to let anyone in and not to let anyone see the real me. For fear of getting hurt like I had been so many times before.

All the lies I had been told over the years had started to sound like truths to me. BUT I’m here to tell you gals these are NOT the truths by any means. I found God at a really low part of my life, when I had all but given up on this life and had nothing to fight for. But I do now, and then He showed me the truth.

The truth I now stand on everyday and have stood upon for the last 4 years of my life. As it says in John 8:32 - “then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” And I have become FREE from all the lies and hurt I’ve ever been told or felt.

The truth is we serve the most amazing God. An amazing God that sent His only Son down to us and laid down His life for us. A Father above all Fathers. A God that’s here to stand with us daily throughout life’s ups and downs. So we can use these tools to not only help us, but to also help the next person that’s stuck believing all the lies the enemy wants them to believe.

God’s here to remind us of HIS truth. Here to remind us of His promises that He has given us. We all have the ability to stand in this truth. To stand in truth, hand in hand with God. We just have to say yes.

And I’m so happy I decided to say yes.

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