She Stands in Truth - Sheree Minturn

Truth. Just the sound of the word makes me smile. It sounds strong, it sounds unbending, it sounds uncompromising. It’s the kind of word that, depending of the lifestyle choices we might be currently making, will make us stand proud or shudder in our boots. At the end of this term on the 12th May, Coastside Church will be hosting a girl’s night called ‘She Stands…In Truth’. And every week leading up to that event, you are going to be able to read the most encouraging, challenging and inspiring blogs from some of our girls at Coastside on their story of truth. And I get to kick start it all off. So grab your chocolate bar or your cup of tea or coffee and let’s do this (she says, sipping green tea in hand with a mug that says ‘Hot And Exotic, Just Like My Tea). See, this truth stuff is already working!

There’s a very famous saying (which is actually a Bible verse) that goes “And the truth will set you free”! Awesome! I’m all in for a bit of freedom, but what actually do we need freeing from? As girls, the list is long and distinguished! But, realistically, for most of us, the biggest battle is usually waged in the pink, squishy walnut shaped organ that sits between our ears. Yep, our brain. And around that brain, truths and a lot of untruths swirl around like mist waiting for us to decide which one we’re going to believe today. Things like…I’m fat. I’m unwanted. I’m useless. I’m a mistake. I can’t do this. I’m unworthy. I’m ugly. I’m dumb. I deserve bad things. They’ll never hire me. I’m a bad mother. I’m a hopeless friend. I’m crap at everything. I’m not talented. I suck.

When these kind of thoughts come to the forefront of our day to day thinking, we open a whole lot of other negative responses like jealousy, anger, frustration, self-harm, anguish, anxiety. And we get caught in the vicious cycle of self-loathing and become crippled to do what we’d really love to do in our hearts through fear of some mean cow telling us we can’t or that we suck. So here comes some truth that will really set us free…if we let it. Comparison is a rip-off and a lie. So you’re not a size 6, big deal. So you can’t sing as great as the girl next to you, whoop-de-doo. So your child appears to be the naughtiest on the planet, seriously, join the club! So some self-entitled chick spews her vomitous opinion of you to your face. Oh, please! Lies, untruths and rip-offs!

I’m going to gently put my hands on both sides of your cheeks and turn your head towards God’s word, the origin of truth and the only source of information that truly matters. Psalm 139 is all about God’s heart for us as beautiful, individually designed girls. There is no room for comparison in this Psalm. There’s no verse that says you’re not good enough. Just the incredible truth and love of an amazing God who formed us, and purposed us and gave us all the cool things that make us uniquely us. That is truth. What is not truth is the anxiety that comes from fear, negativity and self-loathing. That is a lie.

God gives us the keys to live empowered, purposed lives for him. He doesn’t put restrictions or boundaries on those plans because of our weight or our looks or our circumstances. He comes into our messy, mixed up thinking and He picks us up, wipes off the dust of disappointment, failure and comparison and sets us back down on the path leading to the purpose He created just for us. Just for me. And just for you. You matter in the world you live in, you have the power to be significant and powerful and strong if you embrace truth. Psalm 139 is a beautiful truth to embrace. It’s truth will wash over those lies like cool, cleansing water, replacing all the untruths that have taken up residence in your mind.

So by now, (because I do love to write novels), your cuppa is probably nearly finished and your Snickers bar is long gone and you’re thinking about these words I’ve written. Do more than just think about them. Go and pick up your Bible, or Google ‘NIV Gateway’ and then search Psalm 139. Read those truths slowly, even change the words ‘I’ and ‘me’ to your own name. And every time those thoughts of unworthiness and anxiety come into your mind, stand on the truth of God. Stand on Psalm 139. And be kind. Be kind to yourself and to others, because the war of lies is blazing and we need each other to extinguish the flames before hearts become blackened and broken. Truth. Let’s embrace it and allow it to transform our hearts, minds and lives.

Much love,

Sheree Minturn
Lead Pastor Coastside Church

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