This week I have the honour of writing the blog on Jo's outstanding preach Sunday entitled : The Waiting Vision

I want to start by asking you a question . When you and your friends are making plans to catch up, do you make arrangements to catch up knowing full well you aren't going to fulfil that commitment? Or do you make the plans and follow through with the plans in place and fulfil your side of the vision?

This is the same as Gods walk with you . God gives you a passion, a dream, a vision . This is Gods covenant (promise) to you.  He has put this in you to promise you that this vision will be fulfilled. That he will follow through with that vision, with you . Though, do you believe that vision will come to fruition? . God isn't going to give up on the promise . He knows exactly where we all should be at every stage of the vision . He knows that where you are at this exact moment is where you should be .

We're the ones that give up on our visions . We're the ones that get shaky and impatient . We're all too busy watching social media on how everyone else seems to be faring and moving forward that we loose sight of the vision that God has put in place for us !!  Can u imagine if Abraham had sat down and looked at all the others around him after God had given him the promise of being a father to all nations and he thought : "You know what I think God got that a tad wrong . I'm way to old for all of that . That
promise must've been for someone else ."And he went and sat in a paddock and took on someone else's vision because that's so much more easier than his . Don't get me wrong I'm sure Abraham found the vision and promise that God had spoken over his life overwhelming. Our vision that we have for our lives can be just as overwhelming BUT if Abraham hadn't fulfilled his vision thousands would've missed out on the blessings from God that came from that promise .
By you not fulfilling the vision that God has placed in you, you are stopping the blessings that God has already put in place . Don't be the blockage to someone else's blessing.  God has already made a way . Don't loose faith because you've turned your head to the right and the left and have seen others moving forward . That's their story . Their journey, not yours.  Your promise and vision comes with blessing as well,  you just have to keep saying to God " come on God !!"  We've got this and together we are a mighty force and team to be reckoned with !!!  
Not one person is forgotten. Not the person wiping baby vomit off their clothes.  Not the person sweeping the streets. Not the person who is working with cattle in the paddocks . We all HAVE a vision and a purpose , its deciding if your going to scream out to God "Why me? " , or if your going to scream out to God "COME ON , TOGETHER WE'VE GOT THIS !! " Abraham didn't live to see his full vision fulfilled and we might not either, but who knows the decisions we make for our life today could effect generations to come . I want to be a part of that !! . Who's coming with me ???

Heidi xox

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