Wow how amazing was Sundays message!! 

Serving in the house has always been such an important part of my walk with Jesus.  Serving in the house is how I have always outworked the gratitude that I have for the salvation I received by grace 20 years ago. It might come as a surprise to some of you that I haven't been in church since day dot.  I didn't grow up with any example of what it means to serve in the house of God. I had to work this out for myself. On Sunday Mark asked us to be able to list the ways that we serve God...

Heres my list compiled over the last 20 years....

womens meeting baby sitter, door greeting, set up and pack down of auditorium, cleaning, food bank, band member, creche leader, youth band, womens ministry helper, playgroup co ordinator, womens department leader, worship pastor, committee of management member ,missions, Youth department adults team. 

The list is loooonnng......

Not only do I serve within the house of God I have the awesome privilege of owning a business that champions many many non profit christian organisations that go into all the world for good and for God. It is an amazing privilege to have had this placed in my hand...

Now I can look at this list and be all like look at all the stuff i've done, how great am I and it might seem to some of you that that is what I'm doing. I can look at this list then go to God and say but look what I have done for you why won't you heal me? why won't you make my life easier?? I can look at this list and use it for the basis of my salvation, an "I do all this so God has to love me' type attitude. But thats not what the bible says we are to do.

The bible says, in Ephesians 2:8-9 For it is by grace you have been saved through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, to by works, so that no one can boast. So it actually doesn't matter what I do or if I serve in any area of the church, it does not make me loved any more or any less by God. This is the miracle of grace.

I choose to look at the list and say wow look at the journey that God has taken me on.... Look how faithful he has been to me.... Look at how much he has trusted me to work in His house with His people.  To me serving in the house of God is how I express my love for God and that love has grown and evolved as I have gotten to know Him more. The more that I know Him the more he has entrusted me with.  To me its a bit of a no brainer.  God sent His only son to die in my place.  Its the least I can do to work in His house as a servant to the rest of His people.  

Can I encourage you to have a close look at your list, if you have one, or to start one if you don't serve anywhere yet?   If your list is long like mine take time to examine your motives, examine your heart. Ask yourself hard questions about the areas where you serve with your time your talent and your finances. Ask God if what you are doing is all that He has made you capable of doing. You will probably find that there is more, always more and when you think you're maxed out, there will be more. Count it as a privilege that the creator of the universe has empowered you with talents that you don't even know you have yet. 

If you missed church on Sunday go to and be inspired to serve in the house of God!

see you this Sunday

Suzie x

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