Wow! That's all I can say about this weeks message from Pastor Mark.  How amazing is it that we are blessed to hear these inspiring words to get fresh revelations week after week!

This is definitely a word in season for me!

How often do we pray and ask for God's word and what he wants us to do with our life

and we start the journey all positive and get half way through and we stop there?!

Then we end up camping there, in the desert!How did we end up there? Is it because it's too hard or did we get hurt while doing the journey?

What we seem to forget along the way is that he isn't finished with us YET! He didn't tell us to start this journey so we could stop half way and and have a little sook there because it's too hard or we got hurt.

God has a plan and purpose for us. He only gives us the trials that we can handle. Remember, this too shall pass.  We need to KEEP PRESSING FORWARD!

With whatever it is you are facing in your journey, you need to pick up your stuff and keep moving forward! We need to keep focus and press into the vision that God has got us for us.

We have this church, we have the tools to do this. It's right there in his word. We just need to keep pressing forward. Just like Paul said in Philippians 3:12 "...BUT I PRESS ON."Have an amazing week beautiful ladies!

Steph xx

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