Fulfilling His Focus

To sit down and focus to write this blog has been anything but easy hahaha, but what an awesome message on Fulfilling His Focus preached by our very own Youth Pastor Sam Minturn on Sunday. If you missed it make sure you download it and have a listen - its a gem!!

I'm sure everyone of you has had a dream, a goal, a plan (I hate that word haha), a vision, etc or several - some you would have seen fulfilled already, some are still in the pipeline and others may not have worked out the way you wanted.

I've found through my 39 years of life (yep bring on the BIG 40) that when we are living in the seasons where we are living, breathing and seeing these dreams, goals and visions coming to pass it's awesome and we are focused, invincible, eager, on fire, positive, world changers, etc. But what about in those seasons that are hard, heartbreaking, plans not working out, broken dreams, where our focus is lost, some days it's just getting through the day one foot in front of the other!!

I've been in and out of both seasons as I'm sure each of you has too. But regardless of the seasons we may be in, the stuations and circumstances we may be facing, God needs us to be women who keep our focus on Him. Sure it's far easier to do in the good seasons but so so much more important to do in the harder seasons. We need to be women who listen for His voice not the voice of our circumstances!! To align our ourselves with His plans and purposes for our lives not to our circumstances!! We need to be women who change our focus from our circumstances TO HIM and then keep our focus ON HIM every single day. You can do this - I know you can!!

We are living in such exciting times for Coastside - I've been a part of this church for just over 28years and I can tell you there has never been a more exciting time. It is a time we need to rally together, to embrace the vision and culture of Coastside, to be planted, to be connected, to be focused on what God is doing and to be invested. Our building project is so much more than building a building - it's building a spiritual legacy for our district and beyond for not only today but for generations to come - I told you it's EXCITING and why wouldn't you want to be a part of this and invested into it?!?!!

I want to encourage you in 2017 no matter how good or not so good your year has started - Trust God, Listen to the voice of Jesus in every circumstance, switch your focus and you just see what God can and will do.
Have a good one,
Love Lil ❤Xx

Ps. See you 7pm Saturday as we kick off Shine Sisterhood for 2017 - Bring It On xxx

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