No P.TO’s

What a inspiring message that was preached by our fearless lead pastor Sheree on Sunday! I know it solidified so much for me personally, Girl I gotta stop PTO’ing! If you unfortunately missed the preach, grab the podcast it is a pillar for us to start 2017 right!

Sheree explained what PTO is, Please Turn Over. How many of us are PTO’ing our bad habits, negative thoughts and insecurities into yet another year? I know God talked to me last year about some crazy moves he needs me to make to benefit His kingdom and I drowned His voice with “I’m too busy” to consider that. I totally PTO’ed a circumstance that today has my belly turning because I choose not to address it and listen to my own voice instead of His.  

PTO’ing can 100% rip us off the plan and purpose God has for our lives, It’s easy to stay camped at “too hard” or “too busy”. Having a relationship with God is dangerous, fierce and exciting, at the time where we feel like continuing that bad habit, that unforgivness, ugly attitude, that bad relationship he knows about. God is faithful, he knows what needs to be full stopped, full stop!

Sheree used the scripture verse,  Ecclesiastics 3:1-9 a time for everything in this verse there is so much promise, for every valley there is a peak!

We need to to put our faith into action and have hope that our God our incredible, faithful God will help us not drag yesterday into today, into the new year!

Sheree gave us four easy tips to achieve exactly that and these are it,


2.Find a bible verse that speaks to your past

3.Pray about the circumstances in your life ( not scream and demand, talk and dream together)

4.Have faith

I know it’s 10 days into 2017 ( insert what the heck face) but, change starts with us communicating with God about what he needs to decrease or increase in our lives to enhance the kingdom and to have the most prosperous life we can through him!

Let’s do it scared and confident and put those full stops to all the things that are ripping us off in the dark!

Love Kirk xx

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