Putting God First

Picture yourself being given a stunningly wrapped gift. As you unwrap the delicate paper you find a beautifully bound book, it's cover made of gorgeous deep chocolate leather and embossed with delicate gold borders and richly patterned colours. It's such a stunning book, you are totally riveted by how breathtaking it is. You know as you hold this book in your hands that it is of great value. As you turn the cover of this book you discover that every single page is brilliantly white. You also discover another thing; you notice that each of those pristine pages are blank. They contain no story, no words, no smears or blemishes. They are just gloriously blank. This incredibly stunning book represents each of our lives. No matter who we are, each one of our lives is a beautiful gift from God. We are breathtaking. Our cover is a representation of who God created us to be and we are decorated richly with all our individual gems of talents, gifts, creativity and personalities. We are the most incredible thing that God created - more dazzling than the sparkliest diamond, more intricately formed than the most exquisite flower. And as we stand on the edge of a brand new year, we hold in our hands the power to write the most important story filled with endless possibilities on all of those crisp, clean, blank pages. Each day we pick up the pencils of emotion, love, kindness, anger, unforgiveness, adventure, acceptance, selflessness, disappointment, hurt, peace, faith, friendship, selfishness, and we choose to fill each page with one or many of these things. We choose. We write the story. We decide if the page will be filled with beautiful sentiments or dark blemishes. It's up to us what we fill each day with. When I was a young girl, I used to love writing to the bottom of a piece of paper and before I continued onto the next page with my story, I would write P.T.O (please turn over) followed by an arrow. What parts of our story do we carry on to the next day or week or month? Do we P.T.O. our disappointments or our hurts so that, before we know it, we close the final page of our stunning book only to see that all we've filled it with is the same bitterness, hurts, bad habits and rejection, page after page, year after year? And yet that's what we do. We fill that incredibly beautiful story full of smudges, blemishes and stains. And when we look back on our story it makes us sad and disappointed instead of filling our hearts with joy. Today I urge you to put down the pencils of negative and soul damaging emotions and write a story that is publish worthy, that will inspire others, that will honour others and love others and bring happiness. Write a story that starts the beginning of the page with God and ends the closing statement with God and has God moments sprinkled all over those pages like pretty glitter. Make your story beautiful. Make it fit the stunning cover of you. 2017 is yours. Prepare your hearts in God today for the seasons of things you will walk through this year. Honour the gift of life that God has given you. Be the most incredible author of God's magnificence that you can possibly be. Stand strong girls and decide this year to allow God to guide you in writing the amazing story that has been planned for you since before you were even born. Oh how I just love that! Let's do this girls, no P.T.O.'s into 2017!

Love, Sheree xxx

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