Watch Where You're Going!

At the moment, I have 4 bruises on my legs. Two are from banging into my bedside cabinet. The third is from my coffee table and the one on my thigh is from the dining table. These bruises all have something in common... Their owner really needs to start watching where she's going! 

The bruises on my legs all appeared when I was rushing, looking away and generally not giving my destination my full attention. 

Sometimes life can look battered and bruised, just like my legs. A lot of the time, the damage comes when we take our eye off the goal. When we rush around trying to do things in our own time instead of waiting on God... When we look to the left or right and focus our attention on what other people are doing instead of ourselves, or when we are distracted by life's challenges and take our eyes off God. 

Sunday's message on how to cope when God says no - or not yet - was really powerful. If you missed out, please do yourself a service and listen to the podcast by clicking here. Unlike the example Julie used, I have no interest in fancy cars. But for years I've looked to the left and right of me, admiring the gifts of those around me and desperately wishing I was less like me and more like them.. Not doing much about it other than grumbling! How exciting it is that God actually gives us keys to get those desires of our hearts - as you can see here in James 4: "You do not have because you do not ask God. When you do ask, you do not receive because you ask with the wrong motives."

God wants us to boldly ask for the things that we desire. He wants to stretch our faith beyond measure! But it's just as important that we stay humble, and do a bit of open heart surgery and find out the reasons why we want what we're asking for. Is it for selfish reasons? We also need to know why God might be delaying us, or saying no. What could He be teaching us? I know for me, many of the times that I have wished I could be thinner like so-and-so... A good singer like her... As confident as her... There was a flipping good reason God didn't just give me what I wanted! Because my true inner health comes from relationship with Him... Because He wants me to find confidence in Him and not other sources.

It's so easy to look back in life and realise why things have happened the way they did. The challenge is for us to look forward and realise that God's got you covered. Stay bold, stay humble & watch where you're going - the future is looking fun!

Love Claire xx

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